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Frequently Asked Questions about UPC/EAN Codes: Your Ultimate Guide

Demystifying Barcodes:

A barcode, known as a bar code, is a sequence of digits used to uniquely identify products or items. These codes come in various formats, with EAN (13 digits) and UPC (12 digits) being the most common. These numbers can be transformed into vertical black bars, revealing product details when scanned during checkout.

A Peek into UPC Codes:

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a 12-digit barcode extensively utilized for retail packaging in the United States. It stands as a versatile and recognizable product code, adorning almost every retail item. The UPC comprises a barcode with a GTIN-12 number underneath.

Decoding EAN Codes:

The European Article Number (EAN) is a barcode standard that serves the purpose of product identification. This 12- or 13-digit code holds unique information about the product, manufacturer, and its attributes. EAN codes are usually displayed as barcodes on product labels or packaging, forming an integral part of the European Article Numbering system.

Importance of Barcodes for Your Products:

We strongly advise acquiring barcodes for your products due to the ongoing shift towards barcode systems among retailers. While using barcodes may be optional for retailers, they drastically streamline sales processes and inventory management. It’s possible that retailers, like Amazon, could eventually make barcodes mandatory for product listings.

Crucial Differences Between UPC and EAN:

UPC codes are predominantly employed in the United States, while EAN codes are more international in their usage. Nowadays, most platforms accept both UPC and EAN codes. If you plan to sell products globally, opting for an EAN code might be more suitable. EAN codes consist of 13 digits, with a leading “0” added to the GTIN-12 digit UPC code. Both UPC and EAN codes function identically.

Do Our Barcodes Fit Global Retail?

Absolutely! Our barcodes align with global EAN and UPC barcode standards, ensuring compatibility across the board.

Company Registration Not Mandatory:

No need to worry. You can purchase barcodes from us whether you’re an individual or a company. Our barcodes come without any company registration requirements.

Fast Barcode Delivery:

When you order a barcode package through our website, your barcodes will be sent to you via email by default in xls format. We can accommodate jpeg, png, txt, svg, pdf, or xlsx formats upon request. For non-instant orders, expect delivery within one to six hours.

Barcodes for the Global Stage:

Yes, our barcodes are globally operational, seamlessly integrating with scanning systems worldwide.

Why Choose Us for Barcode Purchase?

Our company offers cost-effective barcodes with a one-time payment structure. No need to worry about annual fees or subscriptions. You own these barcodes for life, and receive extra ones as a gift for bulk orders. We process orders rapidly, offering instant packages (more expensive) for urgent barcode requirements.

Purchasing UPC/EAN Codes for Amazon:

Procuring UPC/EAN codes for Amazon is a breeze. Visit our Pricing page, select the desired quantity, and proceed to checkout. You’ll receive your codes within 1-6 hours, or instantly for instant (but more expensive) code purchases (contact us for this), after the payment.

What You’ll Receive:

Rest assured, our barcodes are UCC (GS1) verified UPC/EAN numbers, accompanied by a lifetime guarantee. Expect delivery via email within one minute to six hours, depending on type your of order.

Delivery Simplified:

Your barcodes will be delivered to your registered email address via email. If you can’t locate the email, check your spam folder or reach out to us.

If Your Order Is Missing:

Can’t find your order? Check your spam folder in your email first. If it’s still elusive, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Affordable Costs for UPCs:

The price of a single UPC is $1, and the cost per code decreases with larger quantities. For instance, purchasing 100 codes can reduce the cost per code to as low as $0.12. Comprehensive pricing options are available on our Pricing page.

13-Digit Code Requirement for Amazon:

For Amazon’s 13-digit code requirement, simply add a leading “0” to your purchased UPC code, effectively resolving the issue.

Seamless Amazon Compatibility:

Rest easy! Our UPC/EAN codes are not only unique and unused, but they also work seamlessly on Amazon. Should you encounter any listing errors, reach out to us for guidance.

Amazon’s Policy and Our Codes:

Yes, our codes are still in alignment with Amazon’s policy. Amazon does accept third-party codes, provided they are GS1 verified. Our verified codes are accepted on major platforms like Amazon, Google Shopping, iTunes, and more.

Error Message on Amazon:

Encountering an error message related to “…UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that don’t match…” for your product? This could be due to brand restrictions. Try changing the “Brand” field to something unique; if the error disappears, it confirms a brand restriction. You can input your DBA, store name, or (if it didn’t work) type “generic” in the brand field and include the brand name in the item description to bypass this (but try not to use someone’s registered brands in title/bullets/manufacturer fields).

Prompt Barcode Delivery:

For non-urgent orders, expect delivery within one to six hours. Instant codes, on the other hand, instant codes are delivered within one minute.

Ownership Displayed in GS1 Database:

The GS1 database retains the original prefix owner name even if UPC ownership changes over time. This may result in unfamiliar names appearing. However, our codes function flawlessly on platforms like Amazon, Google Shopping, and more.

Legitimacy of EAN Codes:

Certainly! The EAN codes provided by Mirosel.com are unique, valid, and never previously issued.

Obtaining Your UPC/EAN Codes:

After payment, your UPC/EAN codes will be emailed to you within a few hours (or even minutes). For Amazon sellers, the platform automatically generates barcodes/product labels upon entering UPC/EAN information. Manage your codes using free online barcode generators if needed.

Registering UPC/EAN Codes:

No registration of UPC/EAN codes is necessary. Just provide the codes to retailers or distributors upon request. After associating product info with the codes, the linkage becomes permanent.

Global Use of UPC/EAN Codes:

Yes, your UPC/EAN codes are functional worldwide, working wherever UPC and EAN codes are scanned.

Validity of UPC Codes:

Certainly! The UPC codes from Mirosel.com are unique, valid, and previously unissued. Our codes adhere to GS1-US standards and are provided lawfully.

No Hidden Renewal Fees:

Rest easy! We don’t burden you with renewal fees or annual memberships. Our pricing is upfront and one-time.

One Code per Unique Product:

Indeed, each distinct product requires its own UPC/EAN code. Multiple versions of the same product or different models/colors necessitate separate codes.

Linking Barcodes to Products:

We don’t need your product or company details. Retailers link your product details to your barcodes when you provide them. Once you buy the barcodes, retailers enter them along with product information into their database, forming the connection.

Expiration of UPC/EAN Codes:

No expiration to worry about! Our UPC/EAN codes remain valid indefinitely. No surprise renewal costs or hidden fees.

Uniqueness of Your UPC/EAN Codes:

Absolutely! Our UPC/EAN codes are unique and unused, originating from GS1-US. These codes are exclusively yours for your products.

Using UPC/EAN Codes Again:

Codes cannot be reused for different products. Each product requires its own distinct code for accurate identification.

Using UPC/EAN Codes for Digital Products:

Yes, UPC/EAN codes apply to digital products too, helping track them in various databases and systems.

Beyond Amazon: Other Marketplaces:

While UPC/EAN codes are generally used on online marketplaces, requirements can differ. Check guidelines for each platform where you plan to sell products.

Going International with UPC/EAN:

Definitely! UPC/EAN codes are globally recognized, facilitating international product sales.

Barcodes in Physical Retail Stores:

Numerous retail stores require UPC/EAN codes for inventory and point-of-sale systems. Check with retailers for specific requirements.

Transferring Codes after Selling Business:

No, UPC/EAN codes are not transferable. New owners must get their own set of codes.

Bulk Quantity of UPC/EAN Codes:

For bulk quantities, contact us for guidance on obtaining codes in large quantities.

Why Our Codes Are Cost-Effective:

Our prices are lower due to bulk buying advantages. We aim to make barcodes accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Wishing You Successful Sales!