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frequently asked questions

Why do I need UPC/EAN codes?

– What is UPC code?

UPC code is simply a unique 12 or 13 digit number (EAN) that allows retail sites to easily track the sales of your product within its inventory system.

– How does my code work?

– The UPC code is just a unique 12-digit number that no one else has. In fact, there is no contained or encrypted product information in this code, and there is no official central database of codes and related products. When you want to sell your product in the store, already in this store you will fill in the product information and also the number of your bar code. They introduce this in your inventory management system and so when they scan your product, it calls this and into the information in your system.

– What about Kroger’s / Wal-Mart / Target / Lowes / Home Depot?

– In the process of placing their goods only for these stores, a copy of the GS1 / UCC certificate with the name of its own company on it is required. Unfortunately, neither we nor other resellers of UPC EAN codes can provide you with this document. In this case, you must purchase the codes directly in the GS1 / UCC by applying and get this document. Our codes will work in any other stores in the world, but not in these stores.

– Is any information encrypted in the UPC code?

– No. There are no encrypted information in the UPC barcodes. Barcode is just a font style (called the UPC-A font), which displays 12 numbers under the columns.

– Do my UPC EAN codes have expiration date?

– No, your codes will never expire. When you get the codes, they will never be issued to anyone and they are yours for life.

– Do my UPC EAN codes work internationally?

– Yes, your codes work in all major markets and countries, such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, EU, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Africa, South America, Russia, Ukraine, China and many many others..

*These codes are usually bought by small sellers because of their price availability – for sales, on Amazon or other marketplaces, under own brand (PL), brand-free (generic), for creating sets (kits, boundles). If you need your own codes for your company from Gs1, you can purchase them only from GS1 directly, by submitting the relevant application on their website. The cost for today:  10 codes = $ 250 + $ 50 annually.


One of the important moments in the organization of sales of their products in Amazon and many other marketpalces – is to obtain a special code that identifies it.

When creating a new product, no matter – physical or digital, we also create a new brand, which means that the product becomes unique.

Now we will tell you what makes the product unique and how to identify it…

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