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Choosing the best music distribution service depends on various factors such as your specific needs, budget, desired features, and target audience. Here are some of the top music distribution services known for today:


DistroKid: Known for its simplicity and affordability, DistroKid offers unlimited uploads for a yearly fee. It distributes to over 150 stores and streaming services.


Simple and user-friendly interface.

Affordable annual fee with unlimited uploads.

Fast distribution to a wide range of platforms.

Allows for customizable release dates.


Limited customer support options.

Some users report occasional delays in content appearing on certain platforms.


TuneCore: provides a wide range of services including music distribution, publishing administration, and more. It offers distribution to all major platforms for a yearly fee per release.


Wide distribution network covering major platforms.

Transparent pricing structure with no annual fees.

Detailed sales reporting and analytics.

Offers additional services like publishing administration.


Charges fees per release, which can add up for frequent releases.

No unlimited distribution option.

3.CD Baby

CD Baby: offers both digital distribution and physical CD distribution. They also provide services like publishing administration, sync licensing, and more.


Offers both digital and physical distribution.

Provides publishing administration services.

Helpful customer support.

Allows for pre-orders and sync licensing.


Charges one-time setup fees for each release.

Takes a percentage of revenue from sales.


Symphonic Distribution: offers comprehensive distribution services along with marketing and promotion tools. They work with both independent and established artists.


Comprehensive distribution network.

Offers marketing and promotion services.

Provides royalty advance options.

Tailored services for independent and established artists.


Pricing can be higher compared to some other services.

Requires a submission process for acceptance.


AWAL (Artists Without A Label): is geared towards independent artists and offers distribution as well as marketing and promotion support. It operates on a selective model, only working with artists they believe they can help succeed.


Selective model focusing on artist development.

Transparent royalty structure with no upfront fees.

Offers marketing support and data analytics.

Retains artist ownership rights.


Selective acceptance criteria may limit access for some artists.

Revenue split may not be favorable for all artists.


ONErpm: offers distribution, marketing, and rights management services. They cater to independent artists, labels, and YouTube creators.


Provides distribution, marketing, and rights management services.

Offers YouTube content ID monetization.

Offers promotional tools like playlist pitching.

No upfront fees for distribution.


Some users report occasional delays in content delivery.

Revenue split model may not suit all artists.


ReverbNation: offers distribution services along with promotional tools like email marketing, social media promotion, and more.


Offers distribution along with promotional tools.

Provides detailed analytics and reporting.

Allows for direct-to-fan sales.


Limited distribution network compared to some other services.

Charges fees per release.


LANDR: Primarily known for its AI-based mastering service, LANDR also offers music distribution.


Provides AI-based mastering along with distribution.

Offers both free and paid distribution options.

Simple pricing structure with no annual fees.


Limited distribution network compared to some competitors.

Free distribution option has limitations on features.


RouteNote: offers both free and paid distribution options, making it a popular choice for independent artists with limited budgets.


No upfront fees for distribution.

Transparent revenue-sharing model.


Limited customer support for free users.

Charges fees for certain additional services.


Amuse: offers free music distribution with optional paid services for additional features like priority releases and analytics.


Free distribution option with no upfront fees.

Offers paid services for priority releases and advanced analytics.

Simple and user-friendly interface.


Limited distribution network compared to some other services.

Free option has limitations on features and revenue split.

In conclusion

Before choosing a service, it’s essential to carefully review their terms, pricing structure, distribution network, and additional services offered to ensure they align with your goals and needs as an artist. Additionally, consider reading reviews and seeking recommendations from other artists to make an informed decision.

Good luck with your music!

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